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Bead embroidery kit “Birds on a branch” 30 * 35 cm

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Bead embroidery is an exciting type of needlecraft.

The beads are multifunctional. They are used for various purposes: to create beautiful jewellery and bijouterie, to decorate men’s and women’s clothing, to create handicrafts, and, most importantly, to create embroidery with beads. Currently, beading is the favourite hobby of needlewomen.

Embroidering pictures with beads is a more laborious task than embroidering with threads. But it’s worth it, as you won’t find a more beautiful hand-made piece than beaded pictures.

The beading kit includes everything you need:

  • bags with beads;
  • beading scheme;
  • canvas (fabric for embroidery), with a printed pattern;
  • specially selected beading needle.

The picture embroidered with bright beads will look great in the interior and attract the attention of the guests of your home. Also, the embroidery kit can become an unforgettable gift for relatives, friends, and good acquaintances.

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