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Paintings by numbers is inspiring and relaxing: it reduces anxiety and stress, helps to concentrate and lifts the mood.

What are paintings by numbers about?

Paintings by numbers are art kits for creative minds that can turn anyone into a true artist with no special skills or supplies.

On the canvas, you will find a drawing divided by numbers into fragments of certain colors. Don’t hesitate about the complexity of the process: you don’t need to have any experience in drawing to create a piece of art. Painting by numbers guarantees great results – all you have to do is to cover the numbered sections on the canvas with the appropriate color.

Coloring kits include everything you need: numbered canvas, brushes and acrylic paints.
In our assortment, you will find themes for every taste: fairy-tale characters, nnatural and urban landscapes, animal motifs and much more. All you have to do is choose the one you like the most.

We bet, everyone loved coloring books in their childhood. Growing up doesn’t mean giving up a hobby that brings joy and satisfaction! Painting by colors is perfectly suitable for both adults and kids.

Nowadays, DIY hobbies are very popular, and coloring pictures can become a great entertaining and stress-relieving pastime. Unleash your creativity and enjoy a self-made piece of art to decorate your home or present it to a special person or help your fellow children to develop fine motor skills, encourage creative thinking and strengthen focus.

Paintings by numbers guarantee amazing results and jolly mood. Dare to be creative!